*I got the TPI Water Bottle Stand and Bowl last week and I think that was the best $$$$ I ever spent!
I have Shih Tzu and hard wood floors and the days of sloppy water marks all over my floors are over! T
My Shih Tzu took to it with no problem (a little peanut butter on the tip helped!) and I can't say enough great things about it.
Thank you for a great product and solution to an annoying problem. Kate from Irvine C.A.

*Thank you guys.
Received the Water Bottle Stand and Bowl Monday and it was an instant success.
I love it. It is very attractive and my floors stay so much cleaner.
Worth every penny.
My dogs have no more stains on their face and eyes~ They look So~~ much better.
Thank you so much. ^^ Juile & Tod

*Just wanted to let you know my sweet new baby Maltese Kara LOVES her new water bottle stand.
It is truly the best water bottle stand ever! Thanks for the great product! Christie from Los Angeles

*Since we got this TPI Water Bottle Stand and Bowl, my dogs always stay dry.
NO more WET Kisses !!! Cindy from N.Y.

*LOVE the Water Bottle Stand and Bowl!
It is so easy to move the bottle from room to room.
I don't have to try to figure out where to clip the bottle, It is free standing and extremely non-tip able even on carpet!!
Good Luck with this product, It is truly the best water bottle holder I have ever owned or used. Joshua from Chicago